At AmiHR, we provide our clients with the support to manage employee lifecycle from recruiting to separation. We work closely with our clients to design a customized service plan that meets their specific needs. We pair every client with a human resources expert who is accessible 24/7 via email and phone. Our consultants are also able to meet clients at their offices during regular business hours.

AmiHR is committed to keeping your business compliant with all the state and federal regulations. Employers receive guidance for increasing employee productivity while minimizing costs and liability

Successful businesses are led by successful people. We believe in the value of the personal impact each employee contributes to making a business successful and we are committed to fostering that success.




You may only need payroll, or you may be looking for solutions to simplify and make your HR more effective. Our services can be offered as an a’la carte or we can customize a package that strictly works for you. Either way we know we are able to provide a service for you that is efficient and cost effective.